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National Concert Hall
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Boston Globe─

“Wu Man is one of the rare musicians who has changed the history of the instrument she plays”

Gramophone Magazine─

“If any one artist has become an ambassador for multiple artistic communities, it’s the vibrant pipa master Wu Man”


The charismatic Wu Man is synonymous to pipa and recognized worldwide. She has collaborated with Yo-Yo Ma in the recording of Silk Road, and worked with various renowned musicians including Tan Dun and the Kronos Quartet. In the past decade, she has graced numerous major music festivals for bringing the audience on a journey to understand the world outside of the Western classical music. She actively seeks collaboration with musicians around the world in creating new music, branching out into jazz, electronic music, and more. She has broken the traditional pipa musical form, and established new milestone for this time-honored instrument.

Since the launching of her own concert series - Wu Man and Friends Concert Series - she has continued to seek out music of indigenous peoples in Asia and invite them onto the international stage to perform together. In 2010, Wu Man traveled to the mountains in Taiwan and was inspired by the unique sound of Taiwanese aborigines. In this groundbreaking collaboration, Wu Man invites the famous Taiwanese soprano Mewas Lin from the Atayal tribe to perform songs of the Atayal tribe. Men from the Bunun tribe will also perform the holy Pasibutbu, a prayer for an Abundant Millet Harvest, and other prayers, rituals and celebratory songs that are part of their hunting culture. She also brings the first female nose flute master from the Paiwan tribe, Sauniaw, onto the stage, gently mixing her pipa with the delicate and haunting sounds of nose flute. Furthermore, Wu Man will accompany songs of warriors to lovers sang by Sauniaw and Camake Valaule and the angelic children’s voices of the Tai Wu Elementary School Chorus (Paiwan tribe).

Wu Man and all the musicians from Atayal, Bunun and Paiwan tribes are honored to be included in 2012 Taiwan International Festival of Arts. Wu Man and Aboriginal Friends will premiere on the main stage of the National Concert Hall on March 24, 2012.



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