Words from the Artistic Director


Ever since the National Theatre and Concert Hall (NTCH) organized the first Taiwan International Festival of Arts (TIFA) in 2009, the annual event stemming from the experience of program planning for nearly 30 years has attracted great attention from audiences both in Taiwan and abroad. For the past seven years, whenever the autumn approaches, the NTCH always receives from the audiences, enthusiastically inquiring about the programs of next year’s TIFA, and looking forward to the amazing programs brought by those outstanding performing groups worldwide. Now, the result of the brainstorming hard work for the last two years is going to be unveiled.

As an annual event, the TIFA only might only meet the audiences by pure serendipity. But the NTCH is more concerned about whether the momentary encounter on the stage could leave eternal aesthetic impact and artistic energy to expand the horizon for both artists and audiences in Taiwan and whether it could infuse refreshing creativity and innovation into Taiwan’s performing arts. That is the original as well as the ultimate goal for the planning team hidden behind the festivity of the grand feast of performing arts. As the performing arts venue of the most seniority in Taiwan, the NTCH’s each move always draws attentions from all walks of society. Therefore, it is hoped that by lifting the curtain of the TIFA in February every year, the NTCH could ignite the vitality of performing arts in Taiwan and gradually enrich its soil through abysmal cultural cultivation.

After discussions, the 2016 TIFA is set to surround the theme of “Echoes from Imagination.” Imaginations deriving from sounds transcend forms and limitations, exhibit the charm of theater, and realize the indefinite possibilities of creativities. This is not only the international trend of the development for performing arts, but also a beautiful vocal expression from Taiwan. Please enjoy it and see you at NTCH soon.

Huey-mei Lee
Artistic Director
National Theater & Concert Hall National Performing Arts Center


October 25-31, 2015: Advanced purchase for NTCH members
Tickets sale officially starts from November 1, 2015.



TIFA Ticket Discounts

  • 10% off for NTCH members;
  • 20% off for students with valid student IDs;
  • 10% off for China Trust credit card holders;
  • 10% off for Eslite members;
  • 10% off for postpaid customers of Taiwan Mobile with the authentication code; and
  • 5% off for members of “books.com.tw” with the authentication code.

Discounts for Advanced Purchase

(October 25-31, 2015)

Membership Discount:

NTCH members may have 20% off for advanced purchase on October 25-31, 2015.

Early Bird Discount:

Anyone who purchases a ticket of NT$1,500 or above on October 25-November 30, 2015, regardless of the total amount of purchase, may have 25% off. (Both NTCH members and general public are eligible.)

Tickets Set Discount

(Advanced purchase for NTCH members starts from October 25 and then the tickets sale is open to the general public since November 1.)

Whole Series Set:

  • Customers who subscribe Performing Arts Review for one year (discount rate at NT$ 1,000; regular price at NT$1,440) may enjoy 50% off for 19 programs of the whole series (one ticket for each program in the series). The sales of tickets sets will end whenever any of the programs is completely sold out.
  • * When purchasing the Whole Series Set, you may enjoy 50% discount and one Escents Magic Carnival Aroma Spray while supplies last.
  • Note: NTCH members’ Treasure Card and Heirloom Card holders as well as current PAR subscribers may extend their subscription and enjoy the discount.

30% Off Set for Performances at National Theater and Concert Hall:

  • Enjoy 30% off when you buy one ticket for at least eight programs in one purchase. (The discount excludes performances at the Experimental Theater and the Recital Hall as well as tickets with the lowest price. The sales of tickets sets will end whenever any of the programs is completely sold out.)
  • * When purchasing the 30% Off Set, you may enjoy 30% discount and one TIFA Notebook while supplies last.


  1. *You may exchange for the Escents Magic Carnival Aroma Spray or the TIFA Notebook with the Whole Series Set or 30% Off Set gift vouchers at the ticket office or information desk in the National Theater while supplies last.
  2. *No refund for single program will be accepted after the purchase of tickets sets.
  3. *The audience can choose only one of those special packages.
  4. *The concert of NSO is included in the NSO ticket package, so the audience can choose only one discount package.
  5. *"Needles and Opium" does not apply to ticket sets.


Taipei MRT

The NTCH is located at the junction of the Xindian, Zhonghe and Xiaonanmen lines of the Taipei MRT. Take any of these lines to the MRT Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station and exit through Gate 5.


0 East, 15, 15 shuttle bus, 150,000 U.S. line, 20, 22, 22 shuttle bus, 38, 204, 204 shuttle bus, 208, 208 overhead line, 208 River two public housing base line, 214, 214 train , 236, 237, 249, 251, 252, 253, 297, 644, 648, 660, 670, 671, Xinyi trunk


An underground parking garage with 699 spaces is located underneath the complex.
This parking garage is limited to automobiles only; motorcycles are not allowed.