Giovanni’s Club


Asian Premiere of the Sophisticated Work by Talented Belgian Choreographer
VIP FIRST—A Private Party of One Night of Ecstasy

“Myths are hard to die. They constantly renew themselves and always have something to say.”

Don Giovanni’s myth keeps on fascinating. The myth of absolute seduction gives an overwhelming power. The figure of a huge magnetism attracts the bodies together. The character of a surprisingly unfathomable solitude allows to survey the depth of the souls.

At Giovanni’s Club, it is time for willing striptease, itself becoming methodical and physical. Their nudity is displayed in an enlightened way, yet remaining at the same time hidden by the set of lights. The facet chandeliers surreptitiously give place to transparency. The souls disclose themselves unwillingly to our voyeur eye and indulge in a metaphysical, anarchic, and unconscious stripping. In the backstage of the club appear the waiting times when seeming is not necessary anymore, when nothing else than oneself is at play. The artists then become solitary or solidary, man or boy, woman or transgender, child, little devil or cherub not yet sexualised. Norms do not apply in this stretching time. Until the game resumes…

And the songs and the voices, and the original music and Mozart's notes, being at stake to resonate far behind the complexity of the masculine apparatus and the walls of Giovanni's Club, as the traces of a spiritual flight, eternal and simply human.

Artistic Director&Choreographer │ Claudio Bernardo

Born in Brazil and active in Belgium, choreographer Claudio Bernardo has been awarded residency, after Les Tanneurs Theatre and Centre Culturel Transfrontalier Le Manège. Mons, at Théâtre Varia/ Centre Chorégraphique de Bruxelles. In 1995, he founded As Palavras company which, as of today, has more than 60 works in its repertoire. Among them, Usdum was awarded in 2012 the Best Performance of the Bienal Internacional de Dança do Ceará in Brazil, whereas Giovanni’s Club was nominated at Belgian Critics Prize 2017 in the Best Dance Performance category.


  • Concept, Choreography, Scenography and Interpretation: Claudio Bernardo
  • Performers: Vincent Clavaguera-Pratx, Ezra Fieremans, Rafael Gomes,Calixto Neto, Mavi Veloso, Christos Xyrafakis
  • Assistant to the Choreographer: Anne-Cécile Massoni
  • Original Composition: Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven, Yves de Mey
  • Music: Extracts from "Don Giovanni"by W.-A. Mozart
  • Lyrical recorded voice (bass-baritone): Emmanuel Junk
  • Lighting Design: Marco Forcella
  • Costume Design: Jean-Paul Lespagnard
  • Stage Design assistant: Marie Ghaye
  • Stage Management&Sound: Matthieu Kaempfer
  • Production &Administration: Agnès Pondeville
  • Promotion: Léonore Guy
  • Coproduction: Théâtre de Liège
  • Partners: Théâtre Varia, Charleroi-Danses, Ars Musica
  • Support: FWB, WBI, SACD, WBTD
  • Duration: approx. 70 minutes without intermission.
  • The age guidance for this production is 18+.
  • Performed in French with Chinese surtitles.
  • This production contains adult subject matter and full-frontal male nudity. Audience discretion is advised.
  • Post-talk: 3/25(Sun.) at the Experimental Theater.