Pina Bausch’s Classic Revisits Taiwan After 21 Years!

Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch is coming to Taiwan for the seventh time, presenting the classic of its repertoire, Nelken, two decades after its debut in Taiwan. Thousands of carnation blossoms on the stage, creating a tender fantasy of colors. Dancers are running, chasing, and whispering with each other, eager to share their love. However, behind the playful and joyful atmosphere, dark clouds approach and foreshadow furious storm and torrential rain – the deterrence and pressure imposed on the weak by the tyrannical. The pleasure deviated from the rigid rules must be examined and punished. Why does happiness hardly last? Pina Bausch, with her sharp eyes and insightful observation, reveals the nature of life with dance: intimacy and alienation, pain and ecstasy, violence and tenderness. As what she told the world: “I dance because I feel sorrow.” She also said: “I’m not interested in how people move but what moves them.” Nelken is a story about life, a classic piece that you can’t afford to miss. You will surely applause with laughter and tears.

Choreographer │ Pina Bausch

Pina Bausch, one of the greatest choreographers in the 20th century with the most far-reaching influence, created the German Tanztheater (dance theater) that has become one of the most influential movements in contemporary dance, along with American Postmodern dance and Japanese Butoh. Her Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch also becomes a legend in modern dance. Not only did Pina Bausch create a new form for dance, she also re-defined dance.


  • Intendant and Artistic Director/ Adolphe Binder
  • Managing Director/ Dirk Hesse
  • Choreography/ Pina Bausch
  • Set Design/ Peter Pabst
  • Costumes/ Marion Cito
  • Dramaturgy/ Raimund Hoghe
  • Musical Collaboration/ Matthias Burkert
  • Music/ Franz Schubert, George Gershwin, Franz Lehar, Louis Armstrong, Sophie Tucker, Quincy Jones, Richard Tauber and others
  • Collaboration/ Hans Pop
  • Dancers/ Regina Advento, Pau Aran Gimeno, Emma Barrowman, Andrey Berezin, Michael Carter, Çağdaş Ermis, Silvia Farias Heredia, Jonathan Fredrickson, Scott Jennings, Milan Kampfer, Douglas Letheren, Blanca Noguerol Ramírez, Breanna O´Mara, Franko Schmidt, Julie Shanahan, Julie Anne Stanzak, Oleg Stepanov, Julian Stierle, Michael Strecker, Fernando Suels Mendoza, TIEN Tsai-wei, Stephanie Troyak, Aida Vainieri, Ophelia Young, YU Tsai-chin…etc.
  • Stuntmen/ Bodo Haack, Robert Schenker, Hendrik Mohr, Jürgen Klein
  • Duration: approx. 110 minutes without intermission.
  • Performed in English without Chinese surtitles.
  • This production contains adult subject matter. Audience discretion is advised.
  • Pre-talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the lobby of National Theater.
  • Post-talk: 3/11(Sun.) at the lobby of National Theater.