• Date

    03/23 (Fri.) 19:30+ Google Calendar

  • Venue

    Recital Hall

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  • Price

    NT$ 500

Perfect Ensemble Without Boundaries, Integrated Palette of Composers and Performers
To Infuse New Life to Traditional Music Instruments

The first half of the concert presents the new repertoire created separately as well as jointly by KUO Min-chin, PAN I-tung and JEN Chung of 3peoplemusic, which is known for twisting various music styles and independently arranging music. Their works are often inspired by ordinary daily life with a touch of flavors from different genre music to ingenuously create perfect sounds intertwined with classic oriental and modern western elements. In the second half, however, three composers with different styles – CHIU Hao-yuan, LI Yuan-chen, and LIU Wei-chih, who cooperates the group for the second time – to jointly weaver splendid music chapters. The repertoire tailor-made for the performers from different creative perspectives will definitely portray impressive new features for the 3peoplemusic. What kind of sparks will be evoked when 3peoplemusic meet with three good friends/composers? With the 3x3 Project, let’s embark on a beautiful journey of new music!


3peoplemusic is a creative music group founded by three musicians – KUO Min-chin (Zheng), PAN I-tung (Zhongruan), and JEN Chung (Dizi & Xiao) – in 2013 as a rare group focusing on Chinese traditional chamber music. In 2016, it was selected as a participant in the Mentor and Partnership Program of National Center for Traditional Arts. In the same year, 3peoplemusic released its first album, which was later nominated in the Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music, and was invited to tour many countries.


  • 3peoplemusic
  • Zheng / KUO Min-chin
  • Zhongruan / PAN I-tung
  • Dizi&Xiao / JEN Chung
  • Ensemble Manager/ HUANG Tzu-Ling
  • Brand and International Affair Manager/ LAI Chien-fu


  1. KUO Min-chin: Pulse
  2. JEN Chung: Lightning
  3. LI Yuan-chen: Light and Shadow
  4. LIU Wei-chih: Words of Distortion
  5. PAN I-tung: Ink Immersion
  6. CHIU Hao-yuan: Heyo!Heyo!