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A Voice to Touch Your Soul, A Mystic Chanting to Vibrate with the Universe
Yamma Ensemble from Middle East to Inherit Centuried Hebrew Music and Culture

Yamma Ensemble, composed of five members: Talya G. A. Solan, Yonnie Dror, Aviv Bahar, Nur Bar Goren, and Avri Borochov, is dedicated to creating and performing the Hebrew music of modern day. With music full of souls and exotic flavors, Yamma Ensemble brings forth the charming styles and rhythms of Hebrew music that has passed on from generations to generations. Yamma Ensemble, founded by Talya G. A. Solan, presents original and modern Hebrew music with oriental and western instruments to combine Middle Eastern influence with contemporary western flavors, thus creating a modern twist. Meanwhile, it also explores the area of impromptu creation with free rhythms. For its visit to Taiwan, Yamma Ensemble will present two concerts to respectively showcase the original and contemporary Israeli songs on April 13 and Jewish music from various locations (such as music from Yemen and Sephardi Jews) on April 14.

Talya G. A. Solan

Talya G. A. Solan, an independent singer, songwriter and producer based in Israel, makes her international reputation with her emotional and colorful voice as well as her dazzling and fascinating display of music. She is dedicated to the studies of the Hebrew language and ancient biblical psalms, and integrates such elements into her music. She is also influenced by tribal singing, sacred and secular Jewish chants, Jewish music, and Middle Eastern sound with exotic flavors.


  • Vocal/ Talya G.A Solan
  • Wind/ Yonnie Dror
  • String/ Aviv Bahar
  • Percussion/ Nur Bar Goren
  • Double bass/ Avri Borochov
  • Duration: Approx. 90 minutes with an intermission.
  • For presenting the best performance, the artist has not yet announced the details of the program. For the latest news, please check the official website of TIFA.