Ilha Formosa


  • Date

    03/25 (Sun.) 19:30+ Google Calendar

  • Venue

    National Concert Hall

  • Production

    Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • Price

    NT$ 500 700 900 1200 1600

Portraying the Impression Close to the Land with Beautiful Voice
12 Pieces of All New Creations Make You Feel the Warmth of Four Seasons in Taiwan

What kind of music do you think best represents Taiwan?

The flagship production of the Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir (TPCC), Ilha Formosa, is inspired by the change of seasons in Taiwan. The production recruits internationally-renowned composers from Spain, Slovenia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Hong Kong to collaborate with Taiwan’s composers in creating 12 pieces of brand-new choral music, portraying Taiwan’s rich humanity elements such as seasonal features, landscapes and sceneries, as well as cuisine cultures. In addition, also participating in the production are director CHEN Shih-hsien, visual designer HSU Yi-chun, and stage designer CHEN Chiung-chu to jointly build a brand-new visual choral theater. Through the texts of playwright HSIEH Shu-jing and affectionate narration of Taiwan’s top voice actor Francis Chia, the TPCC crosses over different perspectives from different generations and with exquisite choral production, interprets the common significance offered to us by the land. By integrating multimedia to combine motion visual effects with human voice, the concert aims to illustrate impression of Taiwan through voice of this generation.

Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir

The Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir (TPCC) is the first choir in Taiwan devoted to performing modern choral music in a cappella style, that is, performing without instrumental accompaniment. The TPCC has an impressive history of performing overseas and has been invited to various international music and art festivals, including the World Symposium on Choral Music, the American Choral Directors Association (ACDA) National Conventions, Oregon Bach Festival, Festival Vancouver, and so forth. It has gained the international fame by touring to more than 30 countries and performing at such world-class venues as the Carnegie Hall (USA), National Centre for the Performing Arts (Beijing, China), and Sydney Opera House.


  • Artistic Director/ DUHEI Dirk
  • Music Director/ KU Yu-chung
  • Stage Director/ CHEN Shih-hsien
  • Text Design/ HSIEH Shu-jing
  • Narrator/ Francis Chia
  • Visual Design/ HSU Yi-chun
  • Stage Design/ CHEN Chiung-chu
  • Exective Producer/ CHUANG Fu-hung
  • Performer/ Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir
  • Duration: Approx. 100 minutes with a 20-minute intermission.
  • Pre-talk: 30 minutes before the performance at the lobby of the National Concert Hall.


  1. Chien Nan-Chang: Sanctus
  2. Ambrož Čopi: Pater Noster
  3. Huang Chun-Da: Tsáp Jī Uánn Tshài Kua
  4. Liu Sheng-Hsien: Magnolia Coco
  5. John Pamintuan: Pluvia and etc..