SENAY-Ara Kimbo&Friends


  • Date

    04/01(Sun.) 19:30+ Google Calendar

  • Venue

    Natioanl Concert Hall

  • Production

    Ara Kimbo

  • Price

    NT$ 500 800 1200 1600 2000 2500

ARA Kimbo, “Father of Folk Songs in Taiwan”
A Praise to the Land With Voices from the Tribes

CHIANG Hsun once commented, “His songs are the most beautiful sound in Taiwan. His deep and rich voice reminds me of the towering mountains in eastern Taiwan and reminds me of the surging and vast ocean.” ARA Kimbo, father of the folk songs in Taiwan, has always told moving stories with his songs and evoked our common affections toward the land and the genuine unadorned subtlety that has been forgotten with his deep and rich voice. The concert is titled SENAY, meaning “let’s sing aloud together” in Paiwan language. Therefore, ARA Kimbo invites his good friends from the tribes, including WU Hao-en, INKA MBing, NGERENGER Kazangiljan and SEREDAU, to sing out loud together. With the power of songs, they are going to sing the most moving and genuine sound from the vastness of land.

ARA Kimbo

ARA Kimbo has garnered the Best Male Singer and the Best Folk Song Singer Awards from the Sixth Chinese Music Media Awards, the Best Lyricist and the Best Song of the Year Awards from the 17th Golden Melody Awards, and others. His voice is acclaimed by LIN Hwai-min as “the most moving calling from Taiwan.” A descendent of Pinuyumayan and Payuan tribes, he is well-known for his enthusiasm for life and for his devoutness for nature. With his wealthy experience in creating and performing music, ARA Kimbo will lead to audience to appreciate the most beautiful sound rising from the soils of Taiwan.


  • Music Director&Vocal,&Piano/ ARA Kimbo
  • Director&Producer/ KUO Calvin
  • Artistic Director/ HSU Chang-kuo
  • Vocal&Guitar/ WU Hao-en
  • Vocal/ INKA Mbing,Ngerenger,Seredau
  • Percussion/ YABU Mowna
  • Cello/ CHEN Chu-hui
  • Duration: Approx. 100 minutes with a 20-minute intermission.


  1. Beautiful Rice Grain
  2. Standing on My Land
  3. Beautiful Mothers from Kavulungan
  4. Lai Su
  5. Sweet Home Ka-Aluwan
  6. Tearing Apart
  7. The Atayal: Ancient Instructions
  8. Battle Song
  9. To No Avail

  10. Intermission

  11. Ancestors’ Spirits
  12. Fly, Sea Gulls!
  13. A Painting
  14. The Farthest Road
  15. Missing
  16. Song of Missing
  17. Someone to Lean on
  18. La Mer
  19. Praising Ancestors
  20. Wind from the Pacific
  21. Tafalong