World Music EnsembleE-DO


  • Date

    03/09(Fri.) 19:30+ Google Calendar

  • Venue

    Recital Hall

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  • Price

    NT$ 800

Korean Traditional Arts to Bring Impact by Crossing-over

The name of the World Music Ensemble E-DO comes from the name of Sejong the Great, Yi Do, Korea's most loved monarch who made great contribution to the country. Sejong the Great also took an interest in music, devising “court a’ak” (elegant music) for official rituals and composing “Yeomillak” (folk songs) for the enjoyment of the people, in the hope that Korean people could freely enjoy the cultivation of music. The philosophy behind E-DO's music, modeled after Sejong the Great’s song, is to create music for the modern era, integrating traditional Korean instruments with contemporary flavors, to be appreciated by all and to share it in Korea and beyond without boundary.

The concert, inspired by Korean classic cultures such as Pansori and Sinawi, features Korean traditional music instruments as well as western instruments and further extends the scope to incorporate contemporary jazz and pop music styles. Through its bold and unique interpretation, the World Music Ensemble E-DO will lead the audience to launch a special music journey.

Artistic Director | YOU Kyung Hwa

You Kyung Hwa, renowned South Korean Chulhyungeum player, began to receive training for traditional dance at the age of four, and later gained recognition with many awards for her instrument performance, including Young Artists Prize awarded by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in 2002 as well as the Artist of the Year Award by Art Council Korean in 2004. She is currently the artistic director of Seoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music Orchestra and World Music Ensemble E-DO, and also teaches at Korea National University of Arts.


  • Chulhyungeum&Janggu/ YOU Kyung Hwa
  • Bass/ JC Curve
  • Percussion/ LEE Kyung Gu
  • Guitar/ JO Young Deok
  • Epic Chant/ LEE Jun Hyoung
  • Duration: Approx. 60minutes without intermission.


  1. Bison
  2. Bird of Oblivion
  3. The Road of King
  4. Simcheong
  5. Kangwondo Arirang
  6. The brave moonlight
  7. Sinawi