Jekyll&Hyde&So on


Bizarre But Hilarious, Horrific Yet Oddly Comic Koki Mitani, Master Of Comedy, Is To Overwhelm Taiwan For The First Time!

Set in 19th century London.  Dr. Jekyll had invented a groundbreaking new potion to separate good and evil of a human being. By taking the potion, he was supposed to change into evil “Mr. Hyde”, but… Even the day before presenting the research result in an academic conference, the portion doesn’t work at all.  In desperation, Dr. Jekyll comes up with a clever scheme of hiring an actor named Victor to be his body double and act as Hyde.  While rehearsing the body double acts with reluctant Victor, Dr. Jekyll’s fiancée, Eve appears.  Dr. Jekyll’s assistant, Pool uses his wit and somehow fudges the fact, but the situation becomes even more complicated…

Koki Mitani, Japanese well-known playwright/director, has crossed over different disciplines in the performing arts, including cinema, TV, and theater, and is highly respected in the Japanese entertainment industry. Numerous Japanese stars have been attracted by his talent and eager to participate in his projects regardless the roles. In Jekyll&Hyde&So on, based on English novel Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Kouki Mitani, the master of comedy, turns the horrific atmosphere of the original novel into his unique comic style. The cast for the production include Ainosuke Kataoka, who stars in the most-watched TV drama series in Japan, Hanzawa Naoki; YŪKA, a Japanese actress, who had participated in Mitani’s NHK Taiga drama television Shinsengumi! and film Galaxy kaido; and Takashi Fujii, famous Japanese comedian known for his role in such TV drama series as Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (The Full-Time Wife Escapist). The perfect teamwork of the three guaranteed a hilarious night of laughter and tears to overwhelm Taiwan!

Written&Directed │ KOKI MITANI

Koki Mitani has released many works as a playwright, screenwriter, stage director and film director.  Since the 90's he has made many mega hit TV dramas, including Furuhata Ninzaburo, in which he had wrote the script.  He had also written the scripts of NHK Taiga dramas Shinsengumi! and Sanada Maru. In films Kiyoshu Kaigi and The Magic Hour, he had worked as both the director and playwright.  Recent theatrical works in which he wrote and directed include Murasaki Shikibu Diary, burst! Kiken na Futari, Enokeso Ichidaiki, Fushin ~ Kanojo ga Uso wo Tsuku Riyuu and Kodomo no Jijo. His works have been well received and high praised by Japanese audiences.


  • Written&Directed/ Koki Mitani
  • Set Designer/ Rumi Matsui
  • Lighting Designer/ Motoi Hattori
  • Sound Designer/ Masahiro Inoue
  • Music / Kumiko Takara
  • Costume Designer/ Ayako Maeda
  • Hair and Make-up Designer/ Tomio Kawabata
  • Assistant Director/ Sachihiko Ooe
  • Stage Manager/ Tetsuo Matsuzaka
  • Production Manager/ Yasuko Tokunaga

  • Cast/ Ainosuke Kataoka、 YŪKA 、Takashi Fujii、Takaya Sakoda
  • Musician/ Kumiko Takara、Taisei Aoki

  • Official Airline:ANA
  • Co-produced by Fuji Television Network, Inc., HoriPro Inc.
  • Duration: approx.105minutes without intermission.
  • Performed in Japanese with Chinese surtitles.
  • Pre-talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the lobby of National Theater.
  • Post-talk:4/1(Sun.)at the lobby of National Theater.