The Object Lesson


A Clean-up Project of Epic Proportions by Theatrical Illusionist Geoff Sobelle

Do you have what you need? Do you need what you have?

This is a great clean-up project and an unprecedented archaeological excavation. With boxes stacked to the ceiling, award-winning American artist Geoff Sobelle unpacks our relationship to everyday objects in this hilarious, heartbreaking solo performance/ junk-pile-installation. Ordinary objects are imbued with deeper meaning, and rooms are reconstructed, stories unfolded before being lost and forgotten.

Breaking, buying, finding, fixing, giving, losing, winning, trading, selling, stealing, storing, collecting, cluttering, clearing, packing up, passing on, buried under... a world of things. A meditation on the stuff we cling to and the crap we leave behind. What is we really need?

This cunning show finds universal common ground in one man’s field of detritus. It’s a ruefully, comically sentimental piece that plucks a fleeting connective poetry in the seeming randomness of what we hoard.” — The New York Times

Artist │ Geoff Sobelle

Geoff Sobelle is an actor-illusionist-inventor dedicated to the “sublime ridiculous.” Through complex, multi-layered, virtuosic, visual theatre, he creates surreal, poetic pieces. In 2010, he won the Edinburgh Fringe First Award with Flesh and Blood & Fish and Fowl, and then The Object Lesson was awarded Edinburgh Fringe First Award, Carol Tambor Award, Total Theatre Award, and New York Times Critics Pick in 2013.


  • Creator&Performer/ Geoff Sobelle
  • Director/ David Neumann
  • Installation&Set/ Steven Dufala
  • Sound/ Nick Kourtides
  • Lights/ Christopher Kuhl
  • Production Stage Manager/ Lisa McGinn
  • Producer/ Jecca Barry
  • Duration: approx. 100 minutes without intermission.
  • The age guidance for this production is 12+.
  • Performed in English with partial Chinese subtitles.
  • Post-talk: 2/25(Sun.) at Experimental Theater.