Pai Hsien-yung's New Kunqu Classic Series The White Silk Robe, The Story of Golden Lotus, The Jade Hairpin


Modern literary virtuoso Pai Hsien-yung and Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre of Jiangsu Province

Jointly presenting classic Kunqu after The Peony Pavilion— Young Lovers' Edition

In 2004, Pai Hsien-yung collaborated with the Suzhou Kunqu Opera Theatre of Jiangsu Province in producing The Peony Pavilion— Young Lovers' Edition, rejuvenating the enthusiasm for Kunqu in the Chinese traditional theater circle. More than a decade later, following the true love in The Peony Pavilion, Pai Hsien-yung further brings new editions of classic Kunqu back to Taiwan to showcase the profound artistic and literary tradition in the genre. The Jade Hairpin describes the forbidden love between Pan Bizheng, a young scholar, and Chen Miaochang, a Taoist nun. The Story of Golden Lotus, with Pan Jinlian as the heroine, features the tragedy about the oppressed love and hate of this tough and resolute woman in the traditional feudal society. The White Silk Robe, on the other hand, does not talk about love between men and women but instead about parent-child relations, focusing on the struggle of sins and redemption between father and son. Based on modern people's value and point of view, Pai Hsien-yung re-interprets and thus finds new life for these classic legends.

Principle Producer │ PAI Hsien-yung

Renowned modern literature virtuoso, Pai Hsien-yung has numerous publication in essays, short stories and novels, which have been adapted for films, TV dramas and stage plays many times and have been translated into many foreign languages. In recent year, he has been dedicated to promoting the new aesthetics of Kunqu. His productions of The Peony Pavilion— Young Lovers' Edition and new edition of The Jade Hairpin have not only been highly praised both in Taiwan and abroad, but also initiate a renaissance movement for Kunqu.

Production Team

The White Silk Robe

  • Producer │ TSAI Shaohua
  • Artistic Consultants │ YUE Meiti, HUANG Xiaowu
  • Director │ YUE Meiti
  • Playwright │ ZHANG Shuxiang
  • Leading Actors │ YU Jiulin, TANG Rong

The Story of Golden Lotus

  • Producer │ TSAI Shaohua
  • Artistic Director │ LIANG Guyin
  • Artistic Consultants │ LIU Yilong, HUANG Xiaowu, WANG Weijian
  • Director │ SHENG Kuang
  • Script Editor │ WANG Yueyang
  • Art Director │ WANG Toon
  • Leading Actors │ LU Jia, QU Binbin, LIU Chunlin

The Jade Hairpin

  • Producer │ CHEN Jenny, TSAI Shaohua
  • Artistic Consultants │ YUE Meiti, HUA Wenyi
  • Director │ WENG Guosheng
  • Script Editor │ ZHANG Shuxiang
  • Art Director │ WANG Toon
  • Leading Actors │ YU Jiulin, SHEN Fengying
  • Duration: approx. 140 minutes for The White Silk Robe and 150 minutes for The Story of Golden Lotus; no intermission for either of the productions. 160 minutes for The Jade Hairpin with a 15-minute intermission.
  • Performed in Mandarin with Chinese surtitles.
  • Pre-talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the lobby of National Theater.