Planet egg


Get ready to go! Let’s land on Planet Egg together!
Open your eyes to embrace the space world of novelty and fun!

Acclaimed by Washington Post as an “inventive, nutty and wonder-inspiring production... genre-defying spectacle”!

Planet Egg is a love story in deep space, where the Robot Cosmonaut and his spaceship landed on Planet Egg by mistake and then encountered and befriended with a Scallion Alien creature. They further met a herd of cute but aggressive mushrooms and dangerous molten lava (volcanic fried eggs), and together they launched a series of amazing adventures full of surprises. In the desolate interplanetary fantasy world, all creatures are kind and cute -- and all hungry.

Originated from Israel, PuppetCinema is famous for telling stories with a cinematographic aesthetic, a documentarian’s eye, and the tropes of cinema verité. Planet Egg is simultaneously performed and filmed live with a live score of Foley Sound and projected video feed, and thus creates both a theatrical intimacy with miniature puppets and a cinematic grandness worthy of an epic space odyssey.

The visual world of Planet Egg is comprised of found and organic objects, crafted creations, and electronic parts who reside on a moving Lazy Susan like contraption. The Robot, the space ship, and all his belongings are made from pieces of old stereos, telephones, springs, and other metal bits. Planet Egg is to inspire children’s unlimited imagination and creation!

PuppetCinema, Itim Ensemble with cooperation of the Cameri Theatre of Tel Aviv

Using a cinematographic aesthetic, PuppetCinema productions shape the audience’s focus with a strong and steady hand. The audiences have the feeling that the show is being created right in front of their eyes! Reality and fantasy are blurred and a sort of double vision occurs. What began as a creative experiment has evolved into a mission to explore a dialogue between puppetry, object theater, film, Foley and live feed as well as to build an artistic synergy between these complementary mediums, where they can happily co-exist and thrive.

Production Team

  • Written and Directed │ Zvi Sahar
  • Co-Director │ Michal Vaknin
  • Sound designer, music and live sound effects │ Kobe Shmueli
  • Puppeteers │ Zvi Sahar, Michal Vaknin
  • Puppets │ Michal Abulafia, Ien Denio, Eti Sahar and Marbeyad studio
  • Set Design │ Roey Vatury and Shiran Levi
  • Costumes design │ Judith Aharon
  • Lighting design │ Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)
  • Tech Director │ Shachar Montlake
  • Puppetry Director │ Gony Paz
  • Assistant Director │ Hen David
  • Developing Crew │ Michal Vaknin, Justin Perkins and Ien Denio
  • International Tours │ as is presenting arts
  • Duration: approx. 55 minutes without intermission. Latecomers will not be admitted.
  • The age guidance for this production is 5+.
  • Parent-Child Show: 2/22 (Fri.) 19:30 and 2/24 (Sun.)17:30. Audiences can have interactive experiences on the stage after the performance.