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  • Date

    03/10 (Thu.) 19:30

    03/11 (Fri.) 19:30

    03/12 (Sat.) 14:30

    03/12 (Sat.) 19:30

    03/13 (Sun.) 14:30

  • Venue

    Experimental Theater

  • Production

    Mr. Wing Theatre Company

  • Ticket Price

    NT$ 600

Records of Cruel Struggles within Enterprises, Senior Employee’s Last Battle
Director Li Huan-hsiung’s Confrontation with Contemporary German Black Comedy

The reshuffle of high-level management in the company is approaching and his colleagues are dismissed one after another. As a senior supervisor, he is invited to stay in the company’s luxury country house for holiday, where he encounters a fresh university graduate and personnel managers who show ambiguous attitudes toward him. He is more confused about his future than ever and wonders what the real agenda is.

Director Li Huan-hsiung puts literary poetics and aesthetics behind and challenges the contemporary classic comedy with a cool detachment. In the irony of the globalized system, he embarks a battle of rebellion among different generations. For a senior employee who has been dedicated to the company for more than twenty years, what should he do when the new generation sneers at him and labels him as “outdated”? Should he just give in and leave? Or should he stay on to fight? Can he win back the last respect and dignity?

In the era of post-capitalism, is it true that being smart is the latest fashion? This is a new struggle of brain as well as a battle of mind.

Li Huan-hsiung

Director Li Huan-hsiung, Artistic Director of Mr. Wing Theatre Company, is known for his unique style and the nature of strong literary temperament in his works, and is considered a key figure in the second wave of theater movement in Taiwan.

Lutz Hübner

Playwright Lutz Hübner, contemporary German dramatist, is known for his skills of integrating current affairs into his works and for presenting comedies with ironic black humor and precise languages to reflect the contemporary society.

Creative Team

  • Director: Huan-Hsiung Li
  • Playwright: Lutz Hübner
  • Script Translation: Wei Tang
  • Music Director: Chien-Chi Chen
  • Stage Designer: Jun-Jieh Wang
  • Lighting Designer: Dennis Che
  • Costume Designer: Jerry Hsieh
  • Cast:Faye Leong, Ching-Hsiang Yang, Tai-Hao Tsuei, Ting-Fang Liu, Deng-Jyun Yang.
  • Production: Mr.Wing Theatre Company
  • Duration: approx. 150 minutes with intermission.
  • The age guidance for this production is 15+.
  • Post-talk: 3/13 at the Expeirmental Theater.
  • WEBSITE:Mr. Wing Theatre Company