The Eternal Tides
Résurgences oniriques


  • Date

    03/08 (Wed.) 19:30

    03/09 (Thu.) 19:30

    03/10 (Fri.) 19:30

    03/11 (Sat.) 14:30、19:30

    03/12 (Sun.) 14:30

  • Venue

    National Theater

  • Production

    Legend Lin Dance Theatre

  • Price

    NT$ 500 800 1200 1600 2000 2500

Brand-new production of Lin Lee-chen, as one of the eight significant contemporary choreographers in the world.

The tide comes, the tide goes.
In the circle of life and death, love has never changed and never ceased being.

Legend Lin Dance Theatre, which earns its international reputation with the trilogy of “Heaven, Earth and Human Beings,” is now to present the latest work by Lin Lee-chen, one of the eight significant contemporary choreographers in the world named by ARTE. Lin has been dedicated to the collection and preservation of the traditional cultures of Taiwan, particularly the elements of dance and music in the religious rituals and ceremonial rites, and then incorporates these elements into her choreography. Inspired by the ocean surrounding Taiwan and nourishing the lives on this island, Lin Lee-chen visualizes the life circle of the tide, from the water drops in cloud transforming to rain, falling into rivers, and eventually flowing to the sea. As the the-eternal-tides ebb and flow, life comes and goes, the legend of eagle brother and the White Bird continues. With the brand-new production, Legend Lin Dance Theatre is to lead the audiences to review the journey of lives as well as the sorrows and happiness along the way.

Artistic Director │ Lin Lee-chen

Lin Lee-chen, artistic director of Legend Lin Dance Theatre, has long emerged in the oriental aesthetics and thus presents glamorous visual expression and original dancing vocabularies. Such slow and ethereal aesthetics is eventually realized in her trilogy of “Heaven, Earth and Human Beings”:Miroirs de vie, Anthem to the Fading Flowers, and Song of Pensive Beholding.The series is the most mature creations of hers and has great impact to Taiwan’s dancing circle.

Creative Team

  • Artistic Director, Choreographer, Visual Concept: Lin Lee-chen
  • Producer: ChenNian-zhou
  • Light design: Cheng Kuo-yang
  • Stage design: Tsai Pei-ling
  • Costume design: Wang Chia-hui
  • Singer: Hsu Ching-chwen
  • Main Dancer: Wu Ming-ching, Cheng Chieh-wen
  • Duration: approx. 120 minutes without intermission. Latecomers will not be admitted.
  • This production contains special props of smoke and miscanthus dust. Audience discretion is advised.
  • Pre-talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the lobby of National Theater.
  • Post-talk: 3/12 at the lobby of National Theater