Vortex Temporum & Fase


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    Vortex Temporum

    05/11 (Thu.) 19:30


    5/13 (Sat.) 19:30

  • Venue

    National Theater

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    NT$ 500 700 900 1200 1600 2000 2500

De Keersmaeker re-presents her timeless classic in person;
Visualizing the ultimate complexity of polyphony in Grisey’s masterpiece with brilliant choreography.

After Rain in 2006 and Rosas danst Rosas & Drumming in 2015, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and her company Rosas visit Taiwan for the third time, presenting two emblematic choreographies. Made in 1982, Fase is De Keersmaeker’s very first creation. Based on four pieces of music composed by Steve Reich, Violin Phase, Piano Phase, Come Out and Clapping Music, the work has fascinated the world ever since its premiere. Two female dancers wearing simple outfits, engage in simple dance phrases based on elemental movements like turning and jumping. Through tiny variations they create a complex play of continuously changing forms and patterns, mirroring the principle of phase shifting present in the music. De Keersmaeker will dance this classic in person.

Vortex Temporum, created in 2013 and based on the eponymous work by Gérard Grisey, features seven dancers, sharing the stage with seven musicians from the Belgian music ensemble Ictus. Probing the question: ‘how can you visualise polyphony by dancing it?’ De Keersmaeker decided to stage an intricate intertwining of sound and movement. Each dancer is linked to one of the seven musicians, and colours his or her dancing with patterns of movement proper to the instrument. Both the dancers and musicians travel the stage following a pattern – a vortex – of swirling circles. As De Keersmaeker observes: “Time can be thought of as both linear and cyclical. That which we call ‘now’ is, in fact […] a balancing act between memory and anticipation.”

Artistic Director│ Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Chorographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, founder and key figure of the Rosas company, is one of the most prominent choreographers in contemporary dance. She created her first chorography Fase at the age of 20, whose subtle and refreshing style provided a quick international breakthrough. From the very beginning, De Keersmaeker focused on the relation between music and dance. Her choreographies present an ever-evolving combination between a refined sense of compositional architecture and a distinct understanding of theatricality. Her unique signature has been recognized with many awards.

Creative Team

Vortex Temporum

  • Choreography: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
  • Created with and danced by: Boštjan Antončič, Carlos Garbin, Marie Goudot, Cynthia Loemij, Julien Monty, Michaël Pomero, Igor Shyshko
  • Music: Gérard Grisey (1946-1998) Vortex Temporum (1996)
  • Music director: Georges-Elie Octors
  • Musicians: Ictus, Piano: Jean-Luc Plouvier, Flute: Chryssi Dimitriou, Clarinet: Dirk Descheemaeker, Violin: Igor Semenoff, Viola: Jeroen Robbrecht, Cello: Geert De Bièvre
  • Light design: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Luc Schaltin
  • Artistic advisor light: Michel François
  • Costumes: Anne-Catherine Kunz
  • Musical dramaturgy: Bojana Cvejić
  • Artistic assistant: Femke Gyselinck
  • Rehearsal director: Mark Lorimer
  • Artistic coordination and planning: Anne Van Aerschot


  • Choreography: 安娜.泰瑞莎.姬爾美可Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
  • Created with: Jennifer Everhard (Come Out), Michèle Anne De Mey (Piano Phase, Clapping Music)
  • Danced by: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Tale Dolven
  • Music: Steve Reich, Piano Phase (1967), Come Out (1966), Violin Phase (1967), Clapping Music (1972)
  • Light design: Mark Schwentner (Violin Phase & Come Out), Remon Fromont (Piano Phase & Clapping Music)
  • Costumes: Martine André & Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
  • Duration: approx. 60 minutes for Vortex Temporum and 70 minutes for Fase no intermission for either of the productions. Latecomers will not be admitted.
  • Pre-talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the lobby of National Theater.
  • Post-talk: 5/13(Sat.) at the lobby of National Theater.
  • Visualizing the ultimate complexity of polyphony in Grisey’s masterpiece with brilliant choreography.
  • WEBSITE:www.rosas.be