Dust of Time


  • Date

    03/09 (Thu.) 19:30

    03/10 (Fri.) 19:30

    03/11 (Sat.) 14:30

    03/12 (Sun.) 14:30

  • Venue

    Experiemental Theater

  • Production

    1/2 Q Theatre

  • Price

    NT$ 800

Burning love of the youth overlapped with lonely life gradually fading away
1/2 Q Theatre exploring Tan Xianzu for the fourth time to seek for the unfinished dream

The newly-wedded couple have to be separated due to the husband’s appointment in the expeditionary force; a retired general’s concubine is traded off for a famous horse because of the general’s longing for success in the battlefields; and a wealthy and powerful lord decides to seek for immortality in fear of the approaching death and leaves his wife behind.

The “being ” in the past is the “not being ” in the future. What you are longing for now has been wasted extravagantly in the past. That is the life story Tang Xianzu tries to tell us in his twenties.

1/2 Q Theatre, dedicated to the innovation of traditional Kun Opera, explores Tan Xianzu for the fourth time after the success of Willow Dreams of Plum, Nanke Story, and Dream Digger. Based on the Purple Flute, Tang Xianzu’s first and unfinished work, Dust of Time explores the lives floating with time through the narratives floating on the stage with a touch of comic flavor. See how the people adjust themselves in their anxiety of fleeting time to look for a way out, how 1/2 Q Theatre interprets the dialogues between love and time while wanders between the classic and its modern variations.

1/2 Q Theatre

1/2 Q Theatre is founded by theater director Dai Chun-fang, who is known for blending traditional elements with modern languages, and Yang Hanru, renowned sheng (young male character) of Kun opera in Taiwan, setting out to re-interpreting Kun opera with the skills of contemporary theater and thus presenting works of unique style that is both classic and avant-garde. 1/2 Q Theatre has been nominated for the Taishin Arts Award four times, and wins the Jury’s Special Award in 2013. It has also been nominated for the Golden Melody Award in the category of traditional arts and the Golden Bell Award.

Creative Team

  • Original: Tang Xianzu
  • Producer: Liang Meng-chun
  • Director & Adaption: Tai Chun-fang
  • Adaption: Kuo Mei-hua
  • Cast: Yang Han-ju, Kung Yueh-tzu, Yang Li-juan, Kuo Sheng-fang
  • Tune Coodinator: Yang Han-ju
  • Music design: Chou Yi-chien
  • Costume design: Hsu Chiu-yi
  • Set design: Kao Hao-chieh
  • Light design: Wang Tien-Hung
  • Acting Director: Yang Li-juan
  • Makeup: Chang Mei-fang
  • Photograph: Chen Yo-Wei
  • Duration: approx. 90 minutes without intermission.
  • Performed in Mandarin with Chinese surtitles.
  • Post-talk: 3/11 (Sat.) and 3/12 (Sun.) at the Experimental Theater.
  • Recording Date: 3/12 (Sun.)