Dance Forum Taipei X Zuni Icosahedron
Multimedia Dance Theater Dream Illusion Bubble Shadow

  • World Premiere

  • Nationality

    Taiwan & Hong Kong

  • When

    3/21-22(Fri.-Sat.) 19:30

    3/23(Sun.) 14:30

  • Where

    National Theater

  • Production

    Dance Forum Taipei × Zuni Icosahedron Multimedia Dance Theatre

  • Ticket Price

    500 700 900 1200 1600 2000 2500

Multimedia “No” Dance Theatre

Dream team of artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan to create an illusory stage

Inspired by the concepts of Emptiness and Logic of Negation expounded in the Diamond Sutra, a classical Buddhist scripture, Dream Illusion Bubble Shadow merges elements of multimedia, live guitar performance and movements as well as “upcycled” music into a Multimedia “No” Dance Theater performance. Jointly presented by Zuni Icosahedron (Hong Kong) and Dance Forum Taipei, Dream Illusion Bubble Shadow features Mathias Woo's first-ever multimedia “no-choreography”, Ray Chen's stage design of illusory dream-like "emptiness", Yu Yat Yiu's “no-music”, singer-songwriter Ellen Joyce Loo's live guitar performance in emptiness and void, and “no-dance” participation of the four great "warriors" David Yeung, Dick Wong, Yuri Ng and Makoto Matsushima, and dancers of Dance Forum Taipei, co-creating a multimedia dance theater with the negating logic built on "dreams, illusions, bubbles, shadows".


Co-Artistic Director cum Executive Director of Zuni Icosahedron, Mathias Woo leads a career as a scriptwriter, director, producer as well as curator, and is recognized for a portfolio of more than 60 original theatre works, which have been invited to cities around the globe including Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Tokyo, Singapore, Taipei, Berlin, Brussels and Krakow of Poland. Mathias’ theatre works explore subjects as wide-range as literature, history, architecture, religion, current political affairs. Woo is renowned for incorporating multimedia into theatre creation. The multimedia architectural musical series The Life & Times of Louis I. Kahn and Looking for Mies became the hallmark in the scene of Hong Kong theatre. His recent productions include Eighteen Springs, 1587, A Year of No Significance (an adaptation from historian Ray Huang’s book of the same title), Hua-Yen Sutra, East Wing West Wing Series, and Kunqu opera Tang Xianzhu’s Dream on Dreams, and A Tale of The Forbidden City. In 2009, Woo initiated and curated “Architecture is Art Festival”, the first of its kind themed on architecture in Hong Kong, which re-examines architecture from an artistic point of view, manifesting various artistic possibilities of architecture with different forms.


Founded in 1982, Zuni Icosahedron is a Hong Kong based international experimental theater company. Zuni has produced more than 200 original productions of alternative theater and multimedia performances, and been invited to more than 60 cities around the globe for cultural exchange and performances.

Dance Forum Taipei is the representative of contemporary dance in Taiwan. Through engaging different choreographers, the Company acts as an open forum for the artists cooperating to present and study their ideas first hand. DFT has made more than 700 performances, touring throughout Taiwan as well as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul, Malaysia, and major cities including New York, Amsterdam, and Bern.

Creative Team

  • Dance Forum Taipei and Zuni Icosahedron
  • Design and choreography│胡恩威 Mathias Woo
  • Visual Design│陳瑞憲 Raymond Chen
  • Music Director│于逸堯 @人山人海 Yu Yat-yiu @People Mountain People Sea
  • Guitarist│盧凱彤 Ellen Joyce Loo
  • The performance contains noise, partial strobe lighting and and smoke. Viewer discretion is advised.
  • Pre-performance talk: 30 minutes before every performance at the Lobby of National Theater
  • Post-performance talk: 3/23(Sun.) after the performance.
  • Website:www.danceforum.com.tw
  • www.zuni.org.hk/new/zuni/web/
  • Zuni Icosahedron is financially supported by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.