Dark Circus


A Magic World Full of Creativity that Wakes
Up the Child Inside Every Adult

An evil circus owner is holding a circus show, yet the supposedly fantastic show turns out to be a sad circus with catastrophes ocurring one after another. Horrible scenes continue to show up, making audiences lose their faith in the circus. They are stunned and depressed until the magic comes to rescue and brings light again to the dark world.

The French theater company, STEREOPTIK, employs everyday objects, such as papers, ink, sand and shadow puppetry, as the media to build the images on the screen onstage under the eyes of its audience, live. With the use of light and contrast, it demonstrates extraordinarily beautiful images full of creativity like magicians performing magic, perfectly creating miraculous theatrical visual effects. Furthermore, with live music and sound effects, the superb duo of sounds and images successfully builds a world of wonders that appeals to the audiences both visually and auditorily, fulfilling the desire for childishness hidden in every adult – a poetic fable that takes you from the dark to the light with a touch of innocence and sorrow.


features two co-founders, Jean-Baptiste Maillet and Romain Bermond, both visual artists and musicians. Inspired by silent films in the past, they jointly experiment and develop the stories and techniques involved in their shows. Without using any special effects or editing, they are able to transform everyday objects into fascinating fantasy by means of traditional painting media, such as pens, charcoal, paint, ink, chalk and sand, to bring out childlike wonders and poetics.


  • Creation & Performance/ Romain Bermond and Jean-Baptiste Maillet
  • Original story/ Pef
  • Artistic collaborator/ Frédéric Maurin
  • Stage Manager/ Arnaud Viala and Frank Jamond
  • Co-produced by L’Hectare Scène conventionnée de Vendôme, Théâtre Jean Arp Scène conventionnée de Clamart, Théâtre Le Passage Scène convenionnée de Fécamp and Théâtre Épidaure de Bouloire – Cie Jamais 203
  • STEREOPTIK receives financial support from the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DRAC Centre-Val de Loire and the Région Centre-Val de Loire
  • Duration: approx. 55 minutes, without intermission. Latecomers will not be admitted.
  • Performed in English with Chinese surtitles.
  • The age guidance for this production is 8+.
  • WEBSITE: www.stereoptik.com