Play God


In the questions and answers, we all find what we respectively need To pursue luck and avoid calamity;
With a tacit mutual understanding, we all have our respective interpretations.

Playing god – what is it exactly? Human or celestial? Or half human and half celestial? In a specific context, they can communicate with the other world and serve as a “personal media” to connect human beings with the unknown world and to bring forth exclusive reports.

This is a lecture performance, which analyzes medium and psychics; this is also a workshop, in which we mutually train each other to become celestial beings. While non-believers can testify against medium on the stage, the believers are able to witness the advent of gods. Whether they are human beings, celestial beings or fake gods, you can only judge by yourselves when you witness.

Co-coism has led audiences to sleep, take showers and have meals together, as well as to escape the president’s secret office, enter into the old legislative bodies and return to the scenes of entrance exam for senior high schools together. Now, it is to play god (or ghost) in the NTCH’s Experimental Theater. It does not matter whether you believe it or not. Those who believe will always believe anyway.


Following the “collective” creative model, this production is jointly created by HUNG Chien-Han, HUANG Din-Yun, and CHANG Kang-Hua, focusing on re-adjusting the relations between audiences and performers. The participants enter into the set rules based on their own actions and ideas, and simultaneously take part in the completion of the production. The audiences’ voluntary participation initiates the unique performing context that belongs only to that specific performance. It is hoped that such penetrating characters may flow through the questions derived from the experiences of different social and ethnic communities.

Production Team

  • Produced and performed by Co-coism
  • HUNG Chien-Han×HUANG Din-Yun×CHANG Kang-Hua
  • Duration: approx. 90 minutes, without intermission. Latecomer will not be admitted.
  • The production is not suitable for younger children. The age guidance for this production is 12+.
  • This production contains extremely loud sound and special effect of smoke. Audience discretion is advised.
  • Pre-talk: at the Experimental Theater after every performance.